The 1. NVA (or 1st NVA) is an unit in Red Orchestra: Ostfront '41-'45 unit. Althought their main focus lies on Darkest Hour, an Ostfront mod based on western europe, they are found on a smale scale also in Red Orchestra


The 1. NVA is founded on February 18th 2011. By the unitleader Feldwebel Pompies, also known as Zortaw. His knowledge about the former Nationale VolksArmee, the former East German Army, decided him to begin an unit using their tactics, strategy's and so on.

Tactics, Strategy and hierachyEdit

The tactics and strategy's used by the 1. NVA are based on, logically, the NVA. The NVA was famous for their good quality of units but also of their soviet-style tactics. That means that they are focused on 2 principes. The principes of defense and the principe of offense.

The princip of defense is based on guerilla warfare and intensive use of static defense. That means they will use hit and run tactics combined with treches, outposts and bunkers. The efficiency of this is not known. Althought their leader, Feldwebel Pompies, says it is 'different thus extremely efficient' than other tactics and strategy's used by other units.

The princip of offense is specialized Close Quarters Combat (shortened CQB) and echolon based offensives. That means that their infantry is specialized in urban combat and advancement under fire. Echolon based offensive means that their tank are set up on big line, advancing towards the enemy with their infantry (foot, mechanized and motorised) right behind them. Again, the efficiency of this tactic is still now known.

Their hierachy is based on the Nationale Volksarmee with their ranks and so on.

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