The Anti-Tank class is a class type in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.


The Anti-Tank class is equipped with a PTRS-1941 or a PZB 784(R) (for the Allied and Axis team, respectively). The guns are identical, as the PZB 784(R) is simply a captured Russian PTRS-1941.

On most servers, the Anti-Tank class is also equipped with a pistol, giving the class significantly more flexibility. It is also equipped with two anti-tank grenades for closer combat with enemy vehicles.


As its name implies, the Anti-Tank's job is to destroy enemy armor. Anti-Tank rifles do not simply destroy vehicles upon firing at them: in order for real damage to be dealt, they must target a vehicle's tracks, engine, ammunition hold, and passengers. Multiple hits may be required to destroy the target, during which the Anti-Tank is highly visible and audible. Ammunition is also very limited, so shots must be selected carefully. Although the Anti-Tank rifle is capable of engaging infantry, its unwieldiness (it must be deployed to fire and cannot melee), high recoil, and small magazine capacity makes it unsuitable for such a role.

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