The M1 Carbine is a weapon in the Rising Storm edition of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

The M1 Carbine which is available to either the commander and squad leaders of the USMC instead of the Thompson Sub-machine gun or the secondary weapon of some other classes.

It distinguishes itself by effectively being an M1911 on steroids, offering better range, accuracy, stopping power and increased magazine capacity (10+1 instead of 7+1) than the pistol. However these obvious advantages also come with some not quite so obvious disadvantages. For starters, the M1 Carbine is significantly heavier than the M1911 and will slow a player down significantly more if opting for it instead of an 1911 (though still lighter than a Thompson). Additionally, the swap speed between primary and secondary weapon is significantly increased, making it slightly more dangerous to swap to the M1 Carbine in a direct conflict at close range. More so the time it takes to swap magazines and the hipfire accuracy is increased by a significant margin. Also to keep in mind is that while the effective range of the M1 Carbine over the M1911 is better, it still comes nowhere close to a full powered rifle cartridge, and not even the 7.92x33 used by the MKB 42(H)

Overall the M1 Carbine can be considered Rising Storms equivalent of the MKB 42(H), that is a weapon which attempts to bridge the gap between pistol and rifle caliber, but originating from the pistol side instead of the rifle, being closer in performance to pistols and SMGs instead of rifles.