MkB 42(H)
The MKb 42(H) is a weapon in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

This gun requires unlocking, but is available by default with the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. The MKB 42(H) features a 30 round magazine, select-fire capabillity and fires at a rate of 500 rounds per minute

The MKb 42(H) bridges the gap between the Kar98k and the MP 40, by combining the range of the former with the magazine capacity and fire rate of the latter. As such, the MKb 42(H) is an incredibly versatile weapon on the battlefield, and can easily be used in both close and long range. However, note that the recoil on the MKb 42(H), while still less violent per individual shot than the Kar98k, can very easily become overwhelming at longer range, and as such, knowing when to switch fire modes, can be key to the the weapon's success. Also note that being an assault rifle, and firing intermediate sized cartridges, bullet velocity and stopping power are substantially lower than that of the Kar98k or the Gewehr 43, especially at long range.


Level 25: Bayonet, improving the MKb 42(H)'s melee capabilities.

Level 50: 1.5x ZF 41 Scope.

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