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MP40 (Map) is a custom combined arms map. The [Russians/Germans] are defending. This map is hosted on [All/Many/Few/None].


Objective Notes.

[For solely defending maps:]

  • Objective1 (in order of capping)
  • Objective2 (in order of capping)
  • Objective3 (in order of capping)
  • Objective4 (in order of capping)

[For double offensive with home bases:]

Primary Objectives

  • Objective - (Russian/German) held
  • Objective - (Russian/German) held

Secondary Objectives

  • Objective
  • Objective

[For double offensive with equal held objectives:]

Starting Axis Objectives

  • Objective
  • Objcetive

Starting Allied Objectives

  • Objective
  • Objective

[For blank objectives:]

  • Objective
  • Objective
  • Objective
  • Objective


Axis Roles

Description (the screen when you enter a server)


Rifleman - Difficulty: Medium - ∞ Slots
The Schütze is the main-stay of the German infantry platoon.
He is tasked with the vital role of taking and holding ground.
Using his standard issue rifle; he can effectively engage the
enemy at moderate to long range.

Loadout: Kar98k, bayonet, grenades

  • Primary Weapon - Kar98k
Mauser 98k: bolt-action rifle made by the million. Standard
German rifle throughout the war, love for its reliability and
accuarcy. 5-round mag/clip and bayonet attachment.
  • Equipment - StG39 Grenade
Stielhandgranate 39/43: basic
German stick-grenade. Works on
blast effect. The handle allows it to
be thrown a good distance.

Allied Roles

Description (the screen when you enter a server)


Rifleman - Difficulty: Medium - ? Slots
The Soviet Strelok was the main-stay of the infantry platoon.
His job is the key role of taking and holding ground. The
standard rifle will reach out accurately a good distance, although
longer ranges are best left to the Sniper. The Strelok is expected
to close with the enemy, with rifle fire, grenade, bayonet and
whatever other close-combat weapons come to hand and defeat

Loadout: MN 91/30, grenades

  • Primary Weapons
    • MN9130
    Mosin-Nagant 91/30: bolt-action rifle. Pre-war designed updated
    slightly and produced by the million. Reliable and accurately
    using a 5-round mag/clip with bayonet attachment.
    • M38 Rifle
    Mosin-Nagant M38: bolt-action rifle. Shortened version of the
    91/30, with slightly reduced accuracy. 5-round mag/clip.
    • M44 Rifle
    Mosin-Nagant M44: bolt-action rifle. Shortened version of the
    91/30, with slightly reduced accuracy. 5-round mag/clip with
    permanent bayonet attachment.
  • Equipment - F1 Grenades
The F1 was a standard
fragmentation grenade available
throughout the war. Can be
'cooked'. Normally set with about a
5-second fuse.



Axis Tanks

Allied Tanks


Axis Transportation

Allied Transportation


  • RO-MP40 (Map).rom
    • Animations
    • Sounds
    • StaticMeshes
    • System
    • Textures

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