This map envolves a incredibly large Tanking map. Towards the North is the Germans who must travel south and cross some wooden bridges, or the main one which is labled as North Brige. Once reaching this point at Nb there is a tank barn of which once capturing the forward objectives will become the forward spawn posistion. In the Middle of the map are these bumby cliffs, containing Central Heights, East Heights, and the Ruins. West past the ruins and on lower elevation is West Field. Far east on a lower elevation from East Heights is East Field. WF, and EF usually are easily bounced back and forth between the two confronting sides for their flanking value. Controling CH is a key obj for then one could easily blockade Ruins and keep traficing to EH and CH from the enemy to a limit. To the Sout-West are of the map are the Russians. Here they too have a series of wooden bridges of which can be crossed, their main one is at South Lake with is the Russian equivalent to the German's NB. The wooden Bridges are vulnurable to Artillery and satchels. The main bridges can not be destroyed. Noticable about the armor types is how most effectivley, the Germans when moving from spawn, or to massivly attack a single obj, are more collumized. As for the Russians they more or so just swarm about. Now when either side has the advantage and only have the other's last forward obj's to take ( NB & SL) it usually becomes vis versa. the russians making more collum like advances, and the Germans swarming the area for a wider controlabl area. If the roles are used effectivly on either side, the entire middle of the map can be faught over for the entire map-time-period, ussually up to and hour. Though sometimes the drives may be long, the map is worth it for the novice tanker and the onse who've mastered it by heart. I love this map, and recomend it to all RO Players that are just sinking their botts into this game.

-- 04:56, 25 April 2009 (UTC){RNS}Z Der Einzige/ Republic of National Socialities.

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