The PTRS-1941 is a weapon in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The PTRS-1941 is a cumbersome, slow weapon: it can only be fired when deployed, cannot melee, and cannot reload mid-clip. In exchange, however, it is the only infantry weapon short of AT grenades and satchel charges in the game that has the capability of damaging and destroying tanks.

The PTRS-1941 is semi-automatic, with a magazine capacity of five rounds. It is very powerful, but has high recoil. Against tanks, it only retains full effectiveness up to a distance of around 120 metres. It is impractical against infantry due to its unwieldiness, but if it does connect, it is almost always a one hit kill.

In order for it to cause significant damage to tanks, the PTRS-1941 can target its tracks, rendering it partially to completely immobile; it can also aim for the occupants inside the tank, or aim for the ammo rack for an explosive kill. Hitting tanks elsewhere deals minimum damage at best and at worst, simply bounces off the tank.