The SVT-40. is a weapon in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The SVT-40 is a semi-automatic rifle available to the Elite Rifleman, Squad Leader, Commander classes on the Allied team. Upon reaching veterancy, it becomes available to the Axis team, as well.

The SVT-40 has a capacity of ten rounds that can either be reloaded with two five round stripper clips or one ten round magazine, depending on how close to empty the weapon is. It has moderate recoil and very high damage per shot.

Compared to the G 41(W), the SVT-40 has more recoil, but can be reloaded much more quickly when empty.


Level 25: Bayonet, improving melee capabilities.

Level 50: High quality Muzzle-Break localization, lowering the rifle's recoil.